Reading List

Out of everything I read and learn, here are the essential books that helped me become successful in the things I do.
This list brings out the absolute fundamentals, knowledge and quake ideas I’ve come across so far.
Each really earned their place.

The More Outrageous The Goal The Better – Here Is Why


The better for you and me as your trainer.

Don’t you think that the more ‘obnoxious’ and extreme the goal is that funny enough you have a different feeling towards it?

Instead of thinking

“ohh i wana loose 20 pounds”

you get to think

“how can i get kim kardashians butt/ how can i look like spiderman with such defined muscles?”

Theres a different energy that comes from you when you think of achieving ambitious goals.

You’re more excited just by thinking about the bigger goals. Which makes you take more action towards it. Its something you look forward to do.

Heading for the mediocre is harder to achieve than to aim for the bigger goals – why? Because everyone is wanting mediocre goals… everyone wants to gain 10pounds of muscle, to get an extra row of abs, to thicken up a little.

But so little are heading for the bigger goals.

Its less crowded there.

Its looked down upon and despised for typical personal trainers or medics to tell people to aim high, to aim so high that the goal scares you.

They tell you to aim ‘realistically’. Whats realistic for you to achieve right now?

They mean well because they dont want to bring your hopes up only for you to be crushed. They want you to be on the ‘safe’ side.

I dont want you to be like that. I want you to reconnect with your child-like ambition and aim for what you’ve always wanted.

Because deep within us is potential that can actually achieve these things. Dont believe me, look at what people have done;

Elon Musk – successfuly invented the electric car. Instead of thinking how can we reduce CO2 emmissions from gas & cars, he re-invented the car entirely.

Now its actually in the market for you to buy. (Check him out, he’s not as well known yet)

You see 80 & 90 year olds male and female body builders who can do things most 30 year olds fitness freaks cant do.
Why??? How on earth is that possible?

I thought the best advice was to rest your body and do low intensity cardio when your that age to maintain what you have? Thats what the doctors and ‘experts’ say, right?

If you were to listen to the ‘experts’ all you would have achieved was what they promised.

But there is nothing more i hate than the word ‘realistic’. Its just means that your gutless.

One of my core fundamental beliefs is that reality is negotiable.

Reality is negotiable. I dont want you to think that this is just another motivational post. You will fail many times. More than you expect. It will be harder than you expect. I want you to be prepared for that. But it will also be more rewarding than you expect. The achievement will be bigger than you expect.

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Reasons Reap Results – Mini Food For Thought


Jim Kwik is one of the most wildly recognised experts in brain performance and optimisation, accelerated learning, speed reading, and memory improvement.

His techniques have even been sought out by Harvard university and singularity university and he’s trained and shared the stage of luminary global leaders including Elon musk (HOLLY SHITE!!), Sir Richard Branson and the Dala Lama himself.


Its not the mechanics/techniques/what you know about how fucking complex the bicep is. I train you to realise a different reason WHY to train.

Thing is, my secret is that I don’t tell you before hand. I let you experience it.

Most of us are bombarded with information constantly… all the time… Knowledge is power, but its only potential power. Action is the real power. My phone has the capabilities and knowledge of the whole world. Has it changed anything? Has it changed the world? No.

Knowledge is potential power. Action is the real power.

If I were to tell you the secret to effortlessly becoming a fitness freak, you would;

a) not believe me
b) like the answer… but hours later, do nothing about it and continue going about your day as if you heard nothing.

Which is why when I train clients I let them experience it first. Even if your an action orientated person,the power of experiencing the secret first hand cannot be compared to anything else – why do you think that life lessons are learned the hard way?

When you know you shouldn’t do something harmful, yet do it still and its only after you get harmed that the lesson is learned?

Knowledge can sometimes be paralysing. Taking action, overwhelming the thinking brain with massive action is the cure.

Now heres the secret explained in detail.

Its not knowing what the secret set of reps or the special recipes to gain/loose so much weight. Its simply making the process of exercise/training something you look forward to do.

Honestly, thats the major secret.

Now I don’t mean positive thinking bullshit & lying to yourself, I mean its something you’re hooked to, something you look forward to after an exhaustive stressful day. Something you find any excuse to spend more time doing. Its something you look forward to doing truly within your mind and body.

Its not a strategy, technique or the secret knowledge that only body builders know.

Its a mindset.

Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.

If you can tap into the power of making the process enjoyable & it’s something you look forward to do, you would have made steps further than most books can teach you.

You would have made major progress towards getting your dream body (even if that very goal sounds a little unachievable to yourself).

Once you can tap into this power, you are well on your way.


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How I Stay Organised

( This is in response to Noah Kagan’s email challenge )

I still need to work on my system but this is what I have so far.

WARNING: Im a bit of a freak when it comes to this. It may be too much detail.

1 Physical Calendar 

I don’t like using it but I lost my google calendar x2 and it wasn’t pretty. (Tried to restore it but no hope at all)

Moleskine, weekly dairy. Couldn’t be more happy with it.

PicturePicture 2

Within the dairy, I use day-to-day post it notes which have all the to-dos for the day, saves me carrying the physical book sometimes, then at the end of the day I’ll place the note (dated) back in the diary.

Picture 3

2 Evernote


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 19.08.23 2

This stores almost everything.

It has everything ranging from long term goals to repetitive grocery shopping list.

TIP: On the shortcuts on Evernote there are the most used notes such as ‘passes’, ‘tracking’, ‘sales’, ‘question bank’, ’notes’, ‘my goals’, ’10 ideas a day’

*Quickly add/use/make adjustments

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 18.13.09 2

Passes note: Has all my passwords for everything – bank details, email passwords, each and every single password you can think of is on there. It also has handy details (social security #, previous addresses etc) – things I can retract easily when needed.

*This helped me relieve a lot of stress and time searching for passes

*Organised in different categories i.e. passwords for ‘college’ ‘website’ ‘ social media’ etc

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 18.03.29

Tracking note:everything that I’m tracking – how many times I’m meditating, ice baths, Krav Maga classes, what and when I take supplements, days I workout/take a run, direct debit payments to certain things, check list of regularly backing up my external hard drives (monthly).

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 18.18.04

10 ideas a day: simply the list of 10 ideas per day & note down date and time I made the list…(to see if I have a certain time of the day when my juices are flowing the most)

Sales: I take photos of the things that I bought, or an advert that caught my eye. I see what made me buy it, and model their copywriting (something I got from Tim Ferriss)

Everything: where I splurge out everything thats on my mind when I need to… now I have this note separate because the rest of the list because I don’t edit it much like the rest of the list/ there is no format. Say i have a lot on my mind about what needs to get done for next week, instead of the items floating around in my mind, I would just verbally diarrhea on that page without worrying about what needs to go into what section

Notes: this is like a handy piece of paper that I write down notes of what I’ve learned. Whether its a email bribe I find online or notes on something I’m listening to when travelling and don’t have a pen&paper handy.

TIP: I make a list on a seperate page for all areas covered about the UPCOMING CHALLENGES/PROBLEMS im going to be facing. Sometimes when there is so much to do you can get stuck in going from one task to another and reacting to the upcoming obstacles to come. It can seem that making a list of the problems to come distressing but I find it relieving because Im preparing myself mentally for what is to come and implanting seeds of possible ways i can solve them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 18.21.22

Do: this has more or less a summery of every aspect of my life.

Example of how its categorised:
General, College, Personal Training, Real Estate, Home, Shopping list – (more expensive things I need to save up for- with website links for where I can find it), Reading list, Things need to research, Finance

For example, I would literally organise my personal training business like this;

*When a category gets too large, I would give it its own page (with tags on the page so I can easily find it)

Personal Training 






Ideas (where I would scribble any ideas down)

*And I would do that for each category
*Doing this for me gives me a summary of whats going on in each area of life

3 Digital storage 

College work:
16GB storage (blue)

2 back up systems:
*The 64GB is a back up, terabyte device is a back up of that back up
1) 1 Terrabyte device
2) 64GB – Sandisk that keeps everything (but 80% of pics and videos)

20160317_182446 20160317_182504

I have a lot of photos and videos so need a big storage.
1 Terabyte external drive (My Passport Ultra) – of course everything goes in there. Videos, documents, everything

*I would make a quick note of the contents of both the drives on evernote, so if I needed to find something, its just so much more easier.
*I log all digital books, content of mp3 player (I listen to a looot of audio books), quick sketch of the essential phone apps I use (its happened several times where i had to format my phone)

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 19.04.05

TIP: I make a scan of all important physical documents to my USB. Meaning EVERYTHING: my passport, NHS card, Drivers Permit, certificates.
*Whenever I need a document, I can easily find it on dropbox. BAM, just like that. Even if something catastrophic happened and I lost all my physical documents, I would have it all backed up in several places and easily accessible on dropbox.


TIP FOR GETTING THINGS DONE: giving myself tight tight deadlines (parkinson’s law: ”work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”) works really well for me.

Im currently working on automating my grocery shopping so I can save a lot of time. Article on that coming soon.

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Whilst You’re Waiting For The Kettle, DO THIS

There’s no excuses for not having the ‘equipment’ to workout.
You could do this workout whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

Im serious, simple workouts like these (or simpler ones, this is quite advanced) over time, could get significant results…

Try it for a month one the side as an experiment. See what you get. It’s quite a learning experience. 🙂

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My Excuses

Ive had severe asthma ever since I was born.

Its almost imperitive that I have asthma attacks every year… ones that require me to stay over night at the hospital for a few days.

My latest one in 2015 was the worst.
They all start with the common cold… then, the infection spreads to my lungs… since theyre already weak, it means when I go down, I go really down.

It kept building up, lungs getting thicker and thicker. Inhalers not working at all.
I call the ambulance, but at this stage I’m not able to go down stairs to open the door for them.
They’re having to nock it down…no one was in the house but me… took them a while, but once they did I was almost passing out.
Had to inject adrenaline in me to keep me awake… several times.

I have a rare blood condition. Docs don’t know why or what caused it. They know how to manage the symptoms only…
This gets in my way of training all the damn time. And its very frustrating.

This blood condition means I can lose blood. A lot of blood and very frequently. Unpredictably.

This means I get exhausted from training very very quickly. And not being able to continue to train for too long.

My whole point from this is… I have a fucking excuse to sit down on the couch and blame the world for not being where I want to be.

All im trying to say is that in probably the worst case scenarios people can achieve things.

If I can get this body with these medical conditions then you have absolutely no excuse not to.

Just get the fuck out of the way, develop that mindset and grab those dreams and own them. Time is running out for you to say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.

Its painful to do but look back at when you first ‘thought’ of doing something and where you are now. Years have probably gone past with you saying ‘theres always tomorrow’.

It fucking eats your life away. Like cancer.

Do it.


*Audio Version* Everything I Know On Training: Everything You Need To Know About Becoming Physically Addicted To Exercise

Here is the link for the audio version for my article.

Has slightly more content in it.

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Everything I Know On Training: Everything You Need To Know About Becoming Physically Addicted To Exercise

In this article I just want to give you as much value as I can. I want to give you everything I know because I genuinely want you to succeed, in hope that one day, others to care enough to do the same thing for me. I want to treat you the way I would like to be treated- I wouldn’t want to sell you on something you don’t need. I’m going to give you all I know that has worked for me to get the physique that I have.

First, I’ll tell you a little bit about my story and where I started.

It sounds cliche, it sounds like a cheap headline, right? Could you actually become addicted to the whole process?  Yes. Absolutely. I have done so with major physical challenges and so can you.

The thing is, you will find PhD’s MDA’s doctors and scientists of equal qualification contradicting each other on the basics of health and fitness.

One book says do this this and that and you will live for ever. The other, written by an equally qualified doctor, says if you do that then you will die tomorrow, you should do this and this.

This frustrated me.
I thought to myself if I ONLY do 10 press ups per day, then gradually increase it with time, then eventually get some sort of arm muscles. Right?

So I did it… though 1 press up was impossible. I simply could not do it. So I went on for a few days just trying to do that one press up. Eventually I got there. Then I challenged myself to do 5 in a row without stopping. It took me a good few weeks, but eventually I got there.
Then I kept increasing the number…I started to see small results … and I was hooked.


Lets begin…
The very essence of my success, the very one thing that has allowed me to make progress and get the current body is being hooked to the whole process.

Why this is the defining factor
No matter how much you know. No matter how much expensive equipment you have. No matter if you have all the fitness books in the world…you eventually have to actually work out to start getting results.

Knowledge, gym, equipment, supplements will not give you the body you’ve always wanted.
Training will.
How to you get to the point were you would train frequently enough?
Enjoy the process.

If you don’t enjoy it, you simply won’t do it enough to get results.

I’m not the most knowledgeable person in the world (I still don’t know what a calorie is), I don’t have any weights or equipment (only using house hold items i.e. 5 litre water bottle), and yet i’ve managed to get 4/6 pack with out ever stepping into the gym.

And surprisingly, I enjoyed every second of the process.
I looked forward to training.
A lack of resources are never the issue. Its a lack of resourcefulness.

I might be shooting myself on the foot here. But you don’t actually need me to personally train you. You can achieve your fitness goals without my assistance.
This is exactly what I train my clients. This is the only thing that I do.
Just as I did on myself, I do to them.
All I’m doing with my clients is influencing the inner communication they have with themselves.

Just be aware, that what I’m about to show you is so ridiculously simple that you probably wont believe it for a while.



*You would only have to train 2-3 times a week, you pick the days. Doesn’t matter which order or when.
*You may find that one week you want to train 4 times. Another week once. Relax.
Till this day I have times where I train 6 days a week and sometimes only train once a week.

*Again, you want to average around 2-3 times. That is an excellent average.
*** You do want to make sure that you take pictures of your current body, or else forget about it. You must take before photos. Or else you wont see the progress.


The only reason why I didn’t take before/after pictures is because I was freely experimenting and didn’t know I would even make it through to this stage.


What I did was focus on three areas of the body. Upper, Middle, Lower. You have one position for each area.
Press ups for upper.
Sit ups for middle.
Squat for lower.

Step 1 For each position, you have to see what your base is – how many you can do before your body wants to stop.
Step 2 Then just do 2-5 more.

Do that for each position – you may find that for squats your base line is 15, push ups is 1 and sit up is 10.

Gradually, you’d find your base line is increasing each time you do this.

Keep repeating until you have gotten to the point where exercise is totally addictive and something you’re looking forward to. Once you have that, you have laid the foundations.

This may take you a few months or a week. It depends on the person.
One of my clients, on her 3rd session, she was waking me up demanding that we do another session.

Another client, on his 1st session, he was already hooked on the process and doing extra workouts outside our sessions, voluntarily.

With this strategy, if you don’t witness small incremental improvements, you will at least feel it.

My expectation for this to work on anybody is at least 10 weeks or 3-4 months.

For some people they may feel the need to do so much at the beginning- lift weights straight away, do all these different routines, learn all the names of the muscles, diet like crazy.
Its stressful. Its unnecessary and most likely discourage you from doing this long term.

Ok, now that you are addicted to this, you can now focus on body building/toning up/loosing weight.
It will come so quickly and naturally like you would have never expected.

Strategy for toning/body building
This is what I have done to build muscle.
If you want to tone, just to it less frequently and a little less intense.

Im going to explain the whole thing through an example.
The sit ups. I do this technique with a bit of a twist.

(This includes weights and a timer, I use a box of books, weighs around 20kg)
The way I do it is finding my weakest point in that sit up position put the weights on my chest and time it.

To get those defined abs quickly, your only focus must shift to increasing the number of seconds OUTSIDE your base. Period.
I do that for as many times as I can in the session – average: 5

The thing is. To get this right, you must realize that it is your ONLY FOCUS – that it is simple.
It is straightforward. Do that over a short period of time and you cant help but see results.
Visible results.
It will burn like hell. Be extremely painful almost all the time, but you wont be able to stop doing it as #1 you’re already addicted to training #2 the quick results from this technique will get you more hooked.

Apply this principle on any position and you would get the same results just on different areas of your body.

It’s that simple. Its only a small simple shift of focus.
I cannot highlight enough the importance of this, as that is the only, again, THE ONLY thing you need to do/focus on.

Do you see why this is really all psychology?

Also, remember this: doing 5 slow excruciating squats is miles better than doing 25 easy quick squats.

Let me end by saying this: “knowing” this wont do you any good. Its equivalent to not knowing if you go out there and and actually do it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
I do encourage people to challenge my ideas/way I do things – meaning please do give constructive criticism. It would help me develop and grow.

Any questions do tweet them at @eli__white and i’d probably answer them via short video.

Common Mistakes
– lifting heavy straight away. This is too overwhelming and is not sustainable. I have had a client who did this and we had to start from square 1.

– starting the gym before training your psychology to be addicted to exercise. At the start, lifting your own body weight can be a challenge. Never mind the gym. Take it gradually. Going to the gym is a a whole lot more intense, you will be discouraged and will have to start again from square 1.

– thinking that you have to do a massive amounts at the beginning. If its something complicated you wont do it. Don’t fool yourself. This is discouraging. Back again to square 1.

– most importantly, thinking that training something complicated in any way. Its discouraging, and wouldn’t train enough times if you ever do it in the long term. Square 1.


      • Find your base for each position. add 2-5 on top of that
      • Training 2-3 times a week
      • Let yourself procrastinate, its fine. I did it so many times… and still do; you want to not force yourself to go to the gym but WANT to.
      • Track progress – take pictures in the mirror and rename it to the date you took it!
      • Make things complicated and your in serious trouble. The whole thing is unbelievably simple.
      • Laying the foundation (the psychology) will take time, but once you’ve done it, everything else will literally be effortless. You’ll get too quick of results. You’ll be bored because you can get into any shape too fast.
      • Any questions, shoot them over to @eli__white

Please note:
I do not deny the important of diet/what you eat.
I am not responsible for any injuries or accidents from instructions in this article.
Please consult your doctor if you have any physical challenges or medical conditions before training at any intensity.